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Socrates once said that the first step to wisdom was knowing the terminology. Yield or return? Principal or par? Junk or high yield? You’ll learn it all!

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Experienced Trainers

You’ll meet Sean and Andy. They’ve got nearly 50 years in training and finance altogether. They put together this app because finance is too important to be left to bankers.

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unbeatable content

Every section of finance gets covered. No stone is left unturned. CAPM? Check. Black Scholes? Check. Modern Portfolio Theory? Check. It’s all there.

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limitless questions

Yes, you read that right. Finlingo’s proprietary algorithm generates limitless questions and answers. No matter how much practice you need, you’ll never tire our app. It goes to infinity and beyond.

Finlingo's Mission

Market Disruption by Price Reduction.
It's about time everyone can afford a financial education.

Sean and Andy constantly travel to banks' operational headquarters, often in low income, cheap labor countries, to train the staff. They've trained in places like Poland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, and the Philippines, to name a few.

Often these new recruits are from science, technology, engineering, or mathematical fields. And every one of them are brilliant. But usually, they've had no exposure at all to the world of finance.

So in order to better serve these markets, it's Sean and Andy's mission to drive down the cost of financial training, so our new friends meet their competition on a level playing field.

  • We priced Finlingo for the world.

  • Learn anywhere. On the train. In your house. In the coffeeshop. Anywhere.

  • Repetition leads to fluency.

  • Impress your boss by applying the knowledge and skills you learn.

the finlingo team

These guys make finance fun.

sean ring, caia, frm

Co-Founder and CEO
I’m the Head of Talent Development Investment Banking and Asset Management Asia Pacific and Private Banking, Hong Kong for a major investment bank, and I’m based in Hong Kong.

andy duncan, cqf

Co-Founder and CTO
I’m a software developer, certified scrum master (CSM), and problem solver, with a particular interest in open source software, mobile development, science, FinTech, and educational applications,with the use of the latest technologies, including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and JavaScript.

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