"High energy, good anecdotes and real life examples make it a treat to sit thru a training session..."

Finance Classes For The Future

We've got the right solution for your finance classes, whether it's world class examination review software, exciting in-house training, or effortless online courses.

A Few of Our Bona Fides

Sean Teaches Finance Classes
Online Learning

Don't need a classroom session, but still want finance classes?

With Finlingo's online courses, your delegates will watch, listen, and absorb our tutelage at a pace suitable for them...

 ...and at a low cost to you!

In-House Training

Prefer live training?

Finlingo's in-house trainers have already covered the world for both soft skills and financial training.

We can tailor content to suit your specific organization - or just use one of our off-the-shelf courses, if you like.

Learning Solutions Software

The jewel in Finlingo's crown.

Our Infinite Question Engine© can test your delegates to a statistically significant level, and we can deliver that data to you directly.  

That means you can make better decisions about allocating the most important capital of them all: your human capital.

For our finance classes, we believe infotainment is the key to getting your staff to hear, absorb, and apply their learning. 

Sean Teaches Finance Classes

Sean Ring, CAIA, FRM

CEO of Finlingo

Ever sat through a finance class and asked yourself, "What was that all about?"

Or gone through an online course, feeling thankful for your digital badge, but not remembering much else?

The Curve is a Slippery Slope.

Depending on your memory strength, The Forgetting Curve says you lose up to 50% of what you learned after only 1 day... and 90% after only 1 week.

Our finance classes flatten the forgetting curve

It's the last thing you want - especially if you've just sat through a regulations class.

And classes like ethics, regulations, and law are absolutely necessary, though often a bit... shall we say... dull.

At Finlingo, we assert as self-evident:

You've got to be awake to learn.

It's even better if you're excited, enthused, passionate, pleasantly surprised, charmed, or even... (GASP!) interested.


Because the more excited you are, the more knowledge moves from short-term holding to long-term storage.

And that's how you move forward as an employee, manager, or director.

Andy and I founded, designed, and built Finlingo after years of banking, IT, and soft skills and financial training experience.

How Do You Get the Best Results?

We found the best results happened most often because of active learning.

Relevant training was also key, especially for more experienced staff, who didn't have time for theory.  They needed results yesterday.

Training needs to be reinforced constantly.  One day in a classroom may lead to a revelation, but it's the reinforcement that will lead to action.

That's why we developed Finlingo's Infinite Question Engine.  It's a state-of-the-art, world class solution to the repetition issue.

You won't just practice that concept until you get it right.

You'll practice it until you can't get it wrong.

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All the best,