Andy Duncan, CQF

  • Quants and English Aren’t Mutually ExclusiveSimple charts, easy-to-read tables, and clean code.
  • Your quants will make their normie bosses understand what’s going on, thanks to Andy.
“Andy has a great understanding of how the world works in general, and economics in particular. He’s a great teacher, and I strongly endorse Finlingo.”
Doug Casey, Chairman, Casey Research
Doug Casey
Chairman Casey Research

my story

When Andy Duncan was a young man, he loved reading boy’s stories, playing with puzzles, and writing computer code. His math and coding skills were world class.  Once he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome – that thin skin between Tourette’s and full-blown Autism – the mystery of why he was so good solved itself.

Andy went to university to study medicine, but funnily enough, had no bedside manner.  He switched to Cognitive Psychology, in which he received a first, studying artificial intelligence programming.  Long Live The Nerd King!

As Andy was having trouble “coupling” with someone else (anyone else!), he thought it’d be a good idea to study Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) under its co-founder Dr John Grinder.  The results of that study were, shall we say, fruitful?

Then, as Andy was programming for the likes of Oracle and writing textbooks for O’Reilly, he discovered economics.  Once the great Murray Rothbard conveyed to him the importance of being as close as possible to money-printing central banks to get rich, he decided to complete a Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

From that point, Andy became a financial and soft skills trainer, along with being co-founder and CTO of Finlingo, our examination study app and training company.

This seemingly dangerous, but potent combination of skills allows Andy to:

  • Keep your staff awake; a necessary, but commonly overlooked skill among trainers.
  • Grow them as your internal entrepreneurs (also known as empowered employees).
  • Teach your nerds – sorry, quants – about how to talk to normies, so they’re understood.
  • Imbue them with a love of the subject so they’ll self-educate long after our session ends.

Andy’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. But the quant jocks positively adore him.  And even normal students learn from Andy numbers aren’t so scary.