Sean Ring, CAIA, CMT, FRM

  • Hated School.
  • Loves to Teach.
  • There’s absolutely no one who loves the sound of his own voice more than Sean Ring.
“High energy, good anecdotes and real life examples make it a treat to sit thru a training session with Sean. Sean’s draws a lot on his own experiences and plenty from the books to deliver a precise and concise session which I have found to be of immense help.”
Mangalam Seksaria, CFA
Mangalam Seksaria, CFA
Senior Director at HSBC Private Banking

my story

Sean Ring used to sit at his desk during high school wondering what he had done in a past life to deserve this.

At the insistence of his parents, he repeated this exercise “earning” – their word, not his – a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration at Villanova University, majoring in finance and minoring in political science. Luckily, he wasted only their money, not his. He did it a third and final time getting his Master’s in Finance at London Business School, this time wasting his employer’s shareholder’s funds.

“There must be a better way,” Sean thought.So he became the teacher he always wanted.Thanks to a massively extroverted personality, a Mensa-level IQ, some high school drama classes, and a two-decade career in and around banking, he bounces around classrooms like a sugar-addled futures broker explaining the ins-and-outs of high finance and economics, including why quantitative easing, high yield bonds, and modern monetary theory just mean money printing, junk bonds, and more money printing.This seemingly dangerous, but potent combination of skills allows Sean to:

  • Keep your staff awake; a necessary, but commonly overlooked skill among trainers.
  • Get them excited about your business.
  • Grow them as your internal entrepreneurs (also known as empowered employees).
  • Stealthily build their technical capabilities while they’re “playing” on a laptop.
  • Edutain the crap out of them.
  • Imbue them with a love of the subject so they’ll self-educate long after our session ends.

He’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.  Some students get downright annoyed when they realize they don’t have the day off.

But if you’re keen to explore the possibilities of Sean howling about how great entrepreneurship, capitalism, and business building are, then give us a call.