Finlingo’s CFA Total Recall App is Now on Android!

When Andy and I first thought of Finlingo, one of our aims was to make studying CFA Level 1 as cost-effective as possible.  After all, spending $1,000 for an exam and then another $1,000 on study materials is out of reach for much of the population… even the fine young bankers.

Android Authority recently wrote there are 2.5 billion Android users, many of whom are in lower-income countries.  Those future bankers are exactly who we’d love to help.

So here it is… finally!

Honestly, I think the CFA Total Recall app may even look better on Android than iOS.  But that may be recency bias creeping in.

So, if you’re an Android user, click on this link or the Google Play Store badge above to access our app.  And if you know any family, friends, or colleagues who are looking for a fabulous, cost-effective CFA Level 1 training solution, send this email to them.

We welcome all comers!