February 28


Master CFA Level 1. Right From the Palm of Your Hand.

By Sean Ring

February 28, 2021

cfa mock exam, cfa total recall app

Andy and I didn’t think the day would actually come.  But it’s here.


Finlingo’s CFA Total Recall app will give you the credibility, reliability, and confidence you need to boost your finance career and pass CFA Level 1.  This time.

The first 3 question stems are free for every reading.  What are “question stems,” you ask?

They’re the secret sauce.

They’re how we can give you unlimited questions, answers, and explanations for every conceivable exam question… without a question bank.

That means you’ll learn, not memorize.  And you’ll master the descriptions, calculations, and processes behind CFA Level 1.

Beat the examiner at his own game.  Learn the way we’re meant to learn.

By spaced repetition.

All the best,


P.S.  The CFA Total Recall app for Android will be out shortly.  That Play Store process is way more complicated than the App Store! Go to the App Store now. 

Sean Ring

About the author

Sean Ring, CAIA, CMT, FRM is the Co-Founder and CEO of Finlingo. When he's not chasing his son around the house, he's making sure his friend and colleague, Andy (Finlingo's CTO) eats his Wheaties and continues to code the state-of-the-art Finlingo CFA Total Recall app.

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