The Eternal Existence of Bugs

I did promise in an earlier post that I’d let you know how I got on with fixing the Google Android bug on our ‘CFA® Total Recall’ app, where if you pressed the ‘Home’ button on an Android phone, you had about a one in five chance of the app crashing.

Well, as the chart from Google below suggests, I think I’ve managed to fix the bug. I replaced a PNG picture file I was using for an icon in the ‘Home’ button, with a Font-based icon instead. The constant adding and removal of the picture file was perhaps placing too much strain on the processor inside my own Android phone and causing the crashes. By replacing this picture file with a font icon instead, I think that took that some memory load off the processor and made for a much more reliable navigation transition.

But let’s avoid digging into the situation, too much! Whatever I did seems to have done the trick and the crashes appear to have gone completely, at least for the moment. However, just like an Elon Musk spaceship blowing up on the landing pad, with software you can never entirely rule out the possibility of another bug creeping out of the woodwork, especially with the complexity of Google’s multi-phone-manufacturer universe, though I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we have a long bug-free run before the next one pops up.

Can I also make a request?

If you’re running our app on either a Google phone or on an Apple phone, and you should experience a crash, can you  let us know about it? We do get some crash analytics from both software giants, but if you contact us via our web page and let us know the details, and even better send us some screenshots, then I’ll get right onto it. I want you to have as bug-free an existence as possible, with our app, where the only effort you’re having to make is to get yourself a complete set of stars and the ability to pass our 180-question mock exam across the entire curriculum without losing a single heart.

The same request goes for any ‘buggy’ questions that you find, which have textual or mathematical ‘bugs’ in them. We’ve worked hard to make our ‘infinite’ questions as good as we can possibly make them, and as close to the CFA® curriculum as we can possibly make them, but inevitably the odd mistake slips through, especially because every single question is unique. I found one myself this morning, on one of my regular ‘question patrols’, where the wrong name for the wrong company was coming up in a Bond Matrix Pricing question. Once spotted, it took me about 10 minutes to fix the question bug and then roll that fix out to everyone’s phone on our 24-hour question refresh cycle.

If you can help me find any of these ‘question bugs’ too, as they crop up, then I would greatly appreciate it. We want our infinite question curriculum to be as close to perfect as possible. Ideally, if Leonardo da Vinci was alive today and studying for the CFA® charter, I’d want him to say ‘these questions are pretty good’.

In the meantime, keep working on your own CFA® questions and get through that Level I exam as quickly and as easily as you can! We really hope that we can help you to do that.