Ethics Questions

Creating a quantitative question, answer, and explanation doesn't impress you?

Fair enough...

But what if we told you we can do the same for ethics questions?

And, of course, if you can do it for ethics, you can do it for legal, regulatory... any other qualitative question, really...

Why don't you give it a try, right here?  Play all you like...

...I strongly endorse Finlingo.


“Andy has a great understanding of how the world works in general, and economics in particular. He’s a great teacher, and I strongly endorse Finlingo.”

Doug Casey Chairman, Casey Research

...makes it easy for people to understand otherwise difficult financial concepts...


"Andy is hugely knowledgeable about economics and free markets, and from what I saw when I was lecturing with him in Brazil, he's also an entertaining speaker and teacher. He makes it easy for people to understand otherwise difficult financial concepts, and I thoroughly endorse his teaching application, Finlingo, to anyone who wants to learn about the modern financial world."

Stephan Kinsella Director, Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom

Imagine being able to write just one ethics question... and then have another billion just blossom to life at the push of a button?

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