These Questions Write Themselves.

You Provide 1 Question.  We Provide 1,000,000,000 Variants.

Finlingo’s artificial intelligence algorithm, the Infinite Question Engine (IQue)©, delivers completely unique test questions to every individual test taker without sacrificing question difficulty and consistency.

That means you can advance the quality, equity, and integrity of your examinations while you ensure fairness for each and every candidate.

Reliably outsource your examination without ever giving up your IP.

Entirely eliminate the possibility of cheating.

Use IQue for both your practice tests on your LMS and for your real tests at your CBT testing center.

Ok, It’s Not a Billion Variants. It’s Much More...

  • The IQue generates an infinite number of custom questions, correct answers, and the most common distractors on each of your subjects, using artificial intelligence from a single question structure core. (Even with qualitative questions, such as Ethics and Law.)
  • Each question request generates in milliseconds in a process rigorously optimized for speed.
  • An unlimited number of web server processes fire up simultaneously to handle an unlimited number of concurrent question requests.
  • For speedy production, each question structure gets stored inside a secured optimized database and is then processed via an English language text generator coded in Ruby.
  • Once each question structure embedded into the system, an endless stream of perfect and mathematically infinite question and answer sets can generate.