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This Question Bank Writes Itself.

You Write One Question.  We provide a billion variants.

But don't take our word for it... try it for yourself right here, right now.

Building uncheatable exams that are genuinely fair and equitable is the key to enhancing your organization’s profile and it’s only attainable with Finlingo’s Infinite Question Engine.

Reliably outsource your examination without ever giving up your IP.

Entirely eliminate the possibility of cheating.

Use IQue for both your practice tests on your LMS and for your real tests at your CBT testing center.

I give highest marks to Finlingo...


"Andy Duncan is one of the few I would call supreme teachers who can make complex financial knowledge simple, clear and, most importantly, memorable. I give highest marks to Finlingo because it is infused with Andy Duncan's incredible talent."

Michael J. McKay President (retired), Iowa Capital Management, Inc.

...I strongly endorse Finlingo.


“Andy has a great understanding of how the world works in general, and economics in particular. He’s a great teacher, and I strongly endorse Finlingo.”

Doug Casey Chairman, Casey Research

...makes it easy for people to understand otherwise difficult financial concepts...


"Andy is hugely knowledgeable about economics and free markets, and from what I saw when I was lecturing with him in Brazil, he's also an entertaining speaker and teacher. He makes it easy for people to understand otherwise difficult financial concepts, and I thoroughly endorse his teaching application, Finlingo, to anyone who wants to learn about the modern financial world."

Stephan Kinsella Director, Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom

I recommend this app...


"Sean is a great professional and excellent tutor of finance and related discipline. His skills and expertise has seen him traverse the continents of the world impacting on the professional development of finance experts of the next generation. I am a beneficiary and remain eternally indebted to him for opening my eyes and fuelling my passion for further study in Finance. My colleagues and I at SEC, Nigeria still treasure the times we shared with him and many of us have since qualified as CFA and ACCA members. I recommend this app to everyone looking to study and excel in Finance."

Nwosu Nnanna Nnaemeka ACCA Senior Corporate Governance Analyst

I highly recommend it...


"I commend Sean and his team for developing Finlingo.com, a resource I have no doubt would benefit practicing and aspiring finance professionals in Nigeria and other low-income countries across sub-Saharan Africa. I highly recommend it particularly for young graduates and professionals seeking to earn any globally recognized finance professional certification."

Samson Pam Economist, Research Analyst, SEC of Nigeria

There's nothing like your platform online...


“...there's nothing like your platform online to the best of my knowledge. It's great for repeating exercises and getting them into muscle memory. I like the gamification.”

Imran Mora Research Analyst

Question Banks versus Question Engines

Your organization built a question bank full of questions, answers, and explanations.  Subject matter experts (SMEs) spent thousands of hours to painstakingly create them.  Whether by cash or time, these banks are expensive to create.

And what’s worse… they are “harvestable.”

Which is a nice way of saying someone can hack your questions, pass them around, and completely destroy the integrity of your examination.

That’s why we created Finlingo’s Infinite Question Engine, or IQue.  What makes this different than anything you’ve ever seen is that there is no more question bank.

There’s nothing “harvestable.”

Every time your candidate sits your exam, he gets a different exam of the exact same quality. 

And so does every other candidate who simultaneously takes your exam.

“Impossible!” you think.

Possible…  Probable…  How about, “Completed!”

Bulletproof Your Organization

No more jokes about Felicity Huffman or Lori Laughlin.  No more utterly embarrassing newscasts about how rich people got around your exam…  Your proctors…  Your trusted advisors…

Wouldn’t you prefer this?

  • “Man, if you pass this test, you’re the real deal.”
  • “You’ve got to put in the time.  There’s no way around it.”
  • “It’s the most challenging exam I’ve ever taken.  But it was fair.”

Not only that, but now you can have your SMEs do what you need them to do… think!

Writing questions, thinking of plausible answers, writing full length explanations… this takes valuable time.

Just have them build one good question, and we'll take care of the rest...

Ok, It’s Not a Billion Variants. It’s Much More...

  • The IQue generates an infinite number of custom questions, correct answers, and the most common distractors on each of your subjects, using artificial intelligence from a single question structure core. (Even with qualitative questions, such as Ethics and Law.)
  • Each question request generates in milliseconds in a process rigorously optimized for speed.
  • An unlimited number of web server processes fire up simultaneously to handle an unlimited number of concurrent question requests.
  • For speedy production, each question structure gets stored inside a secured optimized database and is then processed via an English language text generator coded in Ruby.
  • Once each question structure embedded into the system, an endless stream of perfect and mathematically infinite question and answer sets can generate.

Excited About the Possibilities?

If you're interested, we'd love to have a chat with you.  Just enter your information, and we'll be happy to set up a call immediately.