April 1


While We’ve Got Some Time…

By Sean Ring

April 1, 2020

First, I hope you, your families, and your friends are healthy and safe.

It’s a crazy and scary time.

We’re still working away here at Finlingo, but from the safety of our homes.

Since we’ve all got a bit of spare time, perhaps you’d like to spend it with Hunter Hastings and me on the Economics For Entrepreneurs podcast.

I promise no guru-speak, but some humble observations about running a start-up.

Listen to it at 1.5x speed, as it’s more like a quick conversation that way (and obviously takes less time).

Sean Ring on the Economics for Entrepreneurs podcast
Click on the image to head to the podcast.



P.S. If you fancy it, check out Finlingo’s excellent webinar training!

Sean Ring

About the author

Sean Ring, CAIA, CMT, FRM is the Co-Founder and CEO of Finlingo. When he's not chasing his son around the house, he's making sure his friend and colleague, Andy (Finlingo's CTO) eats his Wheaties and continues to code the state-of-the-art Finlingo CFA Total Recall app.

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